Current Graduate Students

Advisor Research
Graduate student Charissa Abishiktha Abishiktha, Charissa M.A. Silver, Jennifer TBD
"" Bradley, Peter M.A. Silver, Jennifer TBD
Masters student Sharan Dadhwal Dadhwal, Sharan M.Sc. Fraser, Evan Life cycle assessment of bioplastics in food packaging.
Masters student Laura Lisso Lisso, Laura M.Sc. Lindsay, John Research interests: geomatics and hydrology.
"" MacLachlan, Lauren M.A. + IDEV Roth, Robin, Gray, Noella TBD
Masters grad Kyomi Mitsui Mitsui, Kyomi M.Sc. Moola, Faisal The effect of stress on functional traits in plants, including how traits in clonal plants affect their ability to resist and recover from stress.
Grad Yu Ni Ni, Yu Zhao (Mia) M.Sc. Moola, Faisal Exploring the distribution and phytosociology of Indigenous ethnobotanicals in southern Ontario’s Greenbelt.
Masters student Garnet Owen Owen, Garnet M.Sc. Lindsay, John Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Preprocessing Techniques for Geomorphometric and Hydrological Modelling Applications.
"" Pashinsky, David M.Sc. Gedalof, Ze´ev TBD
Grad Megan Peres Peres, Megan M.A. Stanley, Anna Infrastructure development and settler colonialism in what is now called Canada.
Grad Olivia Richardson Richardson, Olivia M.A. Fraser, Evan Research interests: sustainable food systems, food systems and climate change, food security.
Grad student Bowen Roger Roger, Bowen M.Sc. Fraser, Evan Research interest: Regenerative agriculture, agroecology, and diversifying the food system in the face of climate change.
Masters student Zo Ross Ross, Zo M.A. Nost, Eric Research interests: precision conservation.
MA student Brodie Schmidt Schmidt, Brodie M.A. Loring, Philip, Moola, Faisal Research interests: Using a Two-Eyed seeing analysis (Etuaptmumk) of fire management on Turtle Island. A look at how colonial prescribed burns and Indigenous biocultural knowledge of fire could work in partnership.
Masters student Amy Shi Shi, Amy M.Sc. DeVries, Ben Mapping Eastern Hemlock in Ontario using GIS and remote sensing.
Masters student Noah Singer Singer, Noah M.A. Nost, Eric Research interests: Web Mapping, Data Governance, Cartography
Grad Vanessa Smikle Smikle, Vanessa M.A. Hawkins, Roberta Research Interests: Digital Fashion, Technology-Driven Sustainability, Intersectionality & Identity
Graduate student Natalie Vasilivetsky Vasilivetsky, Natalie M.A. Parizeau, Kate Research interests: Waste reduction, food waste management, environmental sustainability.
Master student Yannan Wang Wang, Yannan M.Sc. DeVries, Ben Monitoring the impact of beavers of surface water dynamics in arctic canada using remote sensing.
Graduate Kayla Wicks Wicks, Kayla M.Sc. Berg, Aaron Research interests: Remote sensing vegetation water content in forested environments.
"" Wildfong, Kelly M.Sc. Silver, Jennifer Environmental Governance, Environmental Science, and Fisheries Management.
Masters student Rachel Young Young, Rachel M.Sc. Moola, Faisal Transdisciplinary studies such as biocultural diversity/conservation and ethnoecology; ecological system processes and functions; Indigenous-led conservation and IPCA's; and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Grad student Mahya Zokaei Astiani Zokaei Ashtiani, Mahya M.A. Nost, Eric Evaluating social and environmental justice and sense of place in energy transitions.
Doctoral student Chloe Alexander Alexander, Chloe Ph.D. Parizeau, Kate Food waste governance.
Doctoral student Marjan Asgari Asgari, Marjan Ph.D. Yang, Wanhong Parallel Computing of Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Watershed Hydrological Models
PhD candidte Lisa Ashton Ashton, Lisa Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben Co-designing the governance of natural climate solutions in Canada’s agriculture sector.
Doctoral student Gideon Binobo Binobo, Gideon Ph.D. + IDEV Bradshaw, Ben Interrogating Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Seafood Governance in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines
Grad student Zion Bodruddoza Bodruddoza, Zion Ph.D. Yang, Wanhong Reserach interest: Balancing agricultural production and environmental impacts using innovative watershed modelling tools.
Doctoral candidate Qianyu Chang Chang, Qianyu Ph.D. Berg, Aaron Ice content mapping of permafrost.
Doctoral student Mary-Kate Craig Craig, Mary-Kate Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben Carbon market and North American Indigenous Community values and aspirations: Assessing compatibility.
Grad student Peter Duker Duker, Peter Ph.D. Roth, Robin, Loring, Philip Research interests: Fish, food security/sovereignty, and conservation in Indigenous-state environmental governance conflicts in Thailand and Canada.
Graduate student Emily Duncan Duncan, Emily Ph.D. Fraser, Evan Social consequences of digital agricultural technologies and the global governance of agri-food data.
"" Fox, Paulette Ph.D. Roth, Robin
Doctoral student Alex Glaros Glaros, Alex Ph.D. Nost, Eric Sustainable Food Systems' Transformations, from Critique to Practice: Describing and designing food futures.
Graduate student Leah Govia Govia, Leah Ph.D. Hawkins, Roberta, Silver, Jennifer Research interests: Digital technologies, environmental imaginaries, feminist STS.
Doctoral student Victoria Hodson Hodson, Victoria Ph.D. Gray, Noella Research Interests: Indigenous-led conservation, intersections of international & domestic conservation policy in Canada, ethical space in research, political ecology.
Grad Ice Ikiz Ikiz, Ece Ph.D. Parizeau, Kate Food waste, food insecurity, circular economy and collaborative networks
Doctoral candidate Barbara Lopez-Gonzalez López-González, Bárbara Ph.D. + IDEV Gray, Noella Research interests: political ecology, sustainability, and environmental governance in small islands.
Doctoral student Jessica Lukawiecki Lukawiecki, Jessica Ph.D. + IDEV Moola, Faisal The measurement of outcomes of Indigenous-led conservation management and practices in Canada and exploring the ways in which Indigenous-led conservation can be supported by Canadian government as we collectively work towards meeting international biodiv
Doctoral candidate Jacob Mardian Mardian, Jacob Ph.D. Berg, Aaron Drought monitoring and modelling in Canada.
PhD candidate Alicia Martin Martin, Alicia Ph.D. Fraser, Evan Food systems, security, pedagogies, and literacy promoting sustainability through an interdisciplinary lens.
Doctoral candidate Michael Merchant Merchant, Michael Ph.D. Berg, Aaron, DeVries, Ben Research Interests: Wetland classification and monitoring using remote sensing, geospatial cloud computing, machine learning, and data fusion.
Grad student Richard Nyiawung Nyiawung, Richard Ph.D. + IDEV Loring, Philip Research interest: Human dimensions of systems and resilience theory, social innovation and responses to environmental change.
Doctoral candidate Oveka Obroh Obroh, Oveka Ph.D. + IDEV Fraser, Evan Regenerative Climate Smart Agricultural Crop Yield Prediction
Doctoral student Renato Pardo Lara Pardo Lara, Renato Ph.D. Berg, Aaron Land surface freeze/thaw (F/T) transitions, particularly, landscape F/T signatures acquired from microwave remote sensing satellites in the context of the soil moisture F/T state
Doctoral student Deborah Pine Pine, Deborah Ph.D. Gray, Noella Research interests: Anishinaabe Gkendaasowin, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Conservation
Doctoral student Philip Quarshie Quarshie, Philip Ph.D. + IDEV Fraser, Evan Climate change and sustainable agricultural practices: Challenges and opportunities for adaptation to increase food security and improve rural livelihood of smallholder farmers in Ghana.
Doctoral student Emmanual Tamufor Tamufor, Emmanuel Ph.D. + IDEV Roth, Robin The Pathway to Canada’s Target 1: A Pathway to decolonizing Canada’s conservation practice.
Graduate student Emily Weihle Wiehe, Emilie Ph.D. Gray, Noella The political ecology of marine conservation in Mauritius.
"" Yekeen, Shamsudeen Ph.D. Berg, Aaron, DeVries, Ben Geospatial Intelligence of the Environment, Hydrology, Climate Change Hazard Management, Oil Spill Remote sensing, and Land Use Landcover.