Current Graduate Students

Advisor Research
no photo available Bhangu, Jasmeen M.A. Silver, Jennifer
Masters student Qianyu Chang Chang, Qianyu M.Sc. Berg, Aaron Quantifying rainfall interception by shrubs in the Arctic tundra using SAR satellite data.
Masters grad Nicole Charlton Charlton, Nicole K M.Sc. Gedalof, Ze´ev Analyzing vegetation structure change in the boreal zone.
Graduate student Vanessa Cunningham Cunningham, Vanessa M.A. Loring, Philip
grad Emily De Sousa De Sousa, Emily M.A. Loring, Philip
Graduate student Hamid Dwyer Dwyer, Hamid M.A. Bradshaw, Ben
Graduate student Riley Eyre Eyre, Riley M.Sc. Berg, Aaron Using remote sensing techniques to understand and improve predictive yield modelling of agricultural crops in southern Ontario.
Graduate student Jocelyn Faulkner Faulkner, Jocelyn M.A. Gray, Noella
Graduate student Kimberley Hill-Tout Hill-Tout, Kimberley M.A. + IDS Hawkins, Roberta Emerging trends and implications of development responsibilities in the Global North aimed at aiding projects in East Africa.
Masters student Jude Keefe Keefe, Jude M.A. Parizeau, Kate Food waste as a neighbour of food insecurity, considering a circular agricultural economy in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.
Graduate student Chantel Kozachenko Kozachenko, Chantel M.A. Fraser, Evan The social impacts of expanding agriculture into Northern Frontiers.
Grad student Colton Lanthier Lanthier, Colton M.A. Calvert, Kirby
Masters student Jillian MacIntyre MacIntyre, Jillian M.A. Nost, Eric
Graduate student Heather MacRae MacRae, Heather M.A. Berg, Aaron Soil moisture in the Boreal forest of Saskatchewan.
Graduate student Chelsea Major Major, Chelsea M.A. + IDS Fraser, Evan Agriculture development in Canada's north with climate change.
Graduate student Jacob Mardian Mardian, Jacob M.Sc. Berg, Aaron Improving remote sensing methods to detect agricultural land use and land cover changes in the Canadian Prairies.
Graduate student Sarah Marquis Marquis, Sarah M.A. Fraser, Evan Data governance issues related to Big Data and agriculture in the North American context.
Grad student Bryce Miller Miller, Bryce M.Sc. Berg, Aaron
Graduate student Assim Sayed Mohammad Mohammad, Assim Sayed M.A. Calvert, Kirby
Masters student Saw Moo Moo, Saw M.Sc. Moola, Faisal
Grad student Alisa Nguyen Nguyen, Alisa M.A. Roth, Robin Exploring the impact of macro plastics on coastal livelihoods in marine conservation areas in Vietnam.
Masters student Aidan O'Brien O'Brien, Aidan M.A. Nost, Eric
Graduate student Matilda Oja Oja, Matilda M.Sc. Berg, Aaron
Masters student Isabel Rewucki Rewucki, Isabel M.Sc. Gedalof, Ze´ev
"" Scott, Alex M.Sc. Cockburn, Jaclyn
Masters student Emma Shay Shay, Emma M.Sc. Gedalof, Ze´ev
Graduate student Katherine Shirriff Shirriff, Katherine M.Sc. Berg, Aaron
Grad student Abilgail Sparling Sparling, Abigail M.A. Gray, Noella Mobilization of different knowledge regimes in targets-based biodiversity conservation.
grad Nigel Van Niewenhuizen Van Nieuwenhuizen, Nigel M.Sc. Lindsay, John
Grad student Rachel Vander Vennen Vander Vennen, Rachel M.A. Parizeau, Kate Food waste and food rescue/reclamation in Ontario.
Graduate student Jayden Wlasichuk Wlasichuk, Jayden M.A. Hawkins, Roberta
Doctoral student Abdul-Rahim Abdulai Abdulai, Abdul-Rahim Ph.D. Fraser, Evan Socio-technical transitions in food systems: The social disruptions of new agricultural technologies in Canada and Ghana.
Doctoral student Chloe Alexander Alexander, Chloe Ph.D. Parizeau, Kate Food waste governance.
grad Zohreh Alijani Alijani, Zohreh Ph.D. Berg, Aaron
Doctoral student Marjan Asgari Asgari, Marjan Ph.D. Yang, Wanhong
Doctoral student Lisa Ashton Ashton, Lisa Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben Enabling Carbon-Responsible agricultural development in Northern Ontario.
Doctoral student Gideon Binobo Binobo, Gideon Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben
"" Camponeschi, Chiara Ph.D. Parizeau, Kate Beyond Bounce Back: A Healing Justice and Trauma-Informed Approach to Urban Climate Resilience
Doctoral student Mary-Kate Craig Craig, Mary-Kate Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben Carbon market and North American Indigenous Community values and aspirations: Assessing compatibility.
Graduate student Emily Duncan Duncan, Emily Ph.D. Fraser, Evan Social consequences of digital agricultural technologies and the global governance of agri-food data.
Doctoral student Carla Giddings Giddings, Carla Ph.D. Hawkins, Roberta Experiences of "care" and "belonging" through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program in Guelph-Wellington.
"" Glaros, Alex Ph.D. Nost, Eric
Doctoral student Jennifer Jones Jones, Jennifer Ph.D. Bradshaw, Ben Consideration of the legacy of colonial and assimilation policies in the assessment of resource development.
Doctoral student Abhilash Kantamneni Kantamneni, Abhilash Ph.D. Calvert, Kirby Co-producing knowledge with communities to manage sustainable energy transitions.
Doctoral student Jessica Lukawiecki Lukawiecki, Jessica Ph.D. + IDS Moola, Faisal The measurement of outcomes of Indigenous-led conservation management and practices in Canada and exploring the ways in which Indigenous-led conservation can be supported by Canadian government as we collectively work towards meeting international biodiv
Doctoral student Daniel Newman Newman, Daniel Ph.D. Lindsay, John Scale optimization in multi-scale geomorphometric approaches.
"" Nyiawung, Richard Ph.D. + IDS Loring, Philip
Doctoral student Renato Pardo Lara Pardo Lara, Renato Ph.D. Berg, Aaron Land surface freeze/thaw (F/T) transitions, particularly, landscape F/T signatures acquired from microwave remote sensing satellites in the context of the soil moisture F/T state
Doctoral student Neal Pilger Pilger, Neal Ph.D. Berg, Aaron UAV assessment of viticulture health and soil moisture/nutrient status in the greater Niagara Region.
Doctoral student Philip Quarshie Quarshie, Philip Ph.D. + IDS Fraser, Evan
Doctoral student Amberley Ruetz Ruetz, Amberley Ph.D. Smithers, John Exploring the impact of school food programs on local economies and how they might evolve to expand the scope and sustainability of local food production and procurement in Canada.
Graduate student Sri Sethuratnam Sethuratnam, Sri Ph.D. Fraser, Evan Scaling up local food initiatives in Southern Ontario.
Doctoral student Emily Smit Smit, Emily Ph.D. Calvert, Kirby
Doctoral student Emmanual Tamufor Tamufor, Emmanuel Ph.D. + IDS Roth, Robin
Grad student Justine Townsend Townsend, Justine Ph.D. Roth, Robin Decolonizing conservation (i.e. parks, protected areas, etc.) practices in Canada.
Graduate student Emily Weihle Wiehe, Emilie Ph.D. Gray, Noella The political ecology of marine conservation in Mauritius.
Doctoral student Josie Whittmer Wittmer, Josie Ph.D. Parizeau, Kate Waste, waste work, health, gender, and urban change in India.