Application Process

Step 1 Review Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin the application process, review the Frequently Asked Questions to ensure that our programs are right for you, and to learn about how to improve your chances of receiving an offer of admission. You are encouraged to communicate with prospective advisors before you begin the application process. This Graduate Studies link will guide you through the application process and assist you with the online application.

Step 2 Complete On-line Application Form (due January 10, 2024)

  • Choose your referees carefully. Ask if they can give you a great reference. Assessment of an Applicant reports from academics (professors) are preferred. Ideal referees will be people who are: well acquainted with your academic record; academic and research aptitude; capacity and proficiency; and potential for graduate studies. Academics normally will be in the best position to offer this kind of assessment. Contact information should include a university email address.
  • Students applying to a graduate program at the University of Guelph are required to apply online.
  • Applicants must set up an account in order to access the application.
  • The application will take approximately 30-50 minutes to complete.
  • The application fee for most graduate programs is $120 and is payable by credit card (Visa/Master Card) to the OUAC via the application.
  • After your online application has been received by the University of Guelph, an account will be created for you in WebAdvisor, our student information system.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to upload your documents in WebAdvisor within 5 working days of submission.

Step 3 Preparing Application Materials

  • It is important to gather your application documents as soon as possible in order to avoid delays.
  • Transcripts must be ordered and sent directly to you. You will need your transcripts so you can upload them to your WebAdvisor checklist (applicants who receive and accept their offer may be required to provide the University of Guelph with final/official transcripts).
  • Review admission requirements of the program to which you are applying. Gather any additional requirements specified by the department for admission purposes.
  • If your department requires any test scores (i.e. TOEFL), please arrange for the results to be sent directly to the department.
  • Master's applicants require two referees and PhD students require three referees.

Step 4 Uploading your Application Documents (WebAdvisor)

  • Log on to WebAdvisor (using information in email sent to you by University of Guelph). Please note: WebAdvisor is down for daily maintenance between the hours of 2:00am to 4:00am Eastern standard time each day.
  • Once logged on to WebAdvisor, click on the applicants link (top/right menu item) and then click on the documents link (on right).
  • Review and ensure that you have all of the required documents in the application checklist (and have reviewed the departmental website for any additional requirements).
  • See tips for scanning transcripts and other application materials.
  • You may choose to upload all required documents at one time or as you receive the documents. Upload required documents listed on your checklist; all documents must be converted to PDF format and uploaded to WebAdvisor as a PDF (learn how to convert your document to PDF). Documents may not exceed 2MB in size.
  • Only one file can be uploaded per item listed on your checklist. If a document has multiple pages, please combine into one file before uploading. Please note transcripts must include legends/keys/grading scales (usually located on the back of each transcript page).
  • If you have completed more than one degree at the same institution, only one checklist item will appear as a requirement. Please ensure that any required transcripts are merged into one PDF document for your upload.
  • If you have completed a degree at the University of Guelph, you must upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts from WebAdvisor. To do this, log into WebAdvisor and click on the link titled Unofficial Transcript.
  • To prevent delays in processing, please ensure uploaded document is legible.
  • You will have 5 minutes to replace an uploaded document if you wish to do so. Once the document link is inactive, you must contact to replace a document.
  • We do not require hard copy transcripts to assess your file for admission. Do not mail any required documents listed on your WebAdvisor checklist for evaluation purposes, with the exception of program specific requirements (final official documents may be required after you are offered admission).
  • Once you have uploaded all documents on WebAdvisor, your application will be sent to the department for a decision.

Step 5 AdmissionDecision, Accepting your Offer of Admission and Meeting the Admission Conditions

  • If you receive an offer of admission to the University of Guelph, you will receive official notification via email.
  • If you are not accepted for graduate studies at the University of Guelph, you will be notified via email.
  • If you accept our offer of admission, you will be required to mail in final official documentation and meet all conditions as specified in your offer.
  • Once you accept your offer of admission, you will receive information about how to register via email.

Step 6 Keep Your Contact Information Up-to-Date

If your contact information (e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number) changes after you have applied, then notify both The Office of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies and the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics.

Note that we will use the e-mail address that you supply to update you on the status of your application.