Undergraduate Courses

Fall 2021 Notes:

  • The process for Fall 2021 course registration is different this year, you may need to set aside extra time to navigate the new online tool. The new tool will be launched in May so students can begin familiarizing themselves with the new system in advance of their course enrolment window. User documentation and videos will be available on the Office of Registrarial Services website beginning in May at uoguel.ph/StudentPlanning.
  • TBA Course Instructors - this will be updated by mid-August
  • GEOG*4200 Social Life of Cities is scheduled for winter semesters moving forward. Apologies for any confusion this may cause.  If you are looking for this course, look for it in the winter semester.


GEOG*1200, GEOG*1220 (in-class), GEOG*1300 & GEOG*1350 are restricted to first year students and GEG Majors and Minors until Aug 3.

GEOG*2000, GEOG*2420, GEOG*2460, GEOG*2480, GEOG*3000, GEOG*3430, GEOG*3480 & GEOG*4210 are restricted to GEG Majors, until July 19.

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Title Course Title Semester Time Slot Instructor Outline
GEOG*1220 DE [S] Human Impact on the Environment Summer 2021 DE Dietrich, Dawn PDF icon 1220DE S21
GEOG*3020 DE [S] Global Environmental Change Summer 2021 DE Silver, Jennifer PDF icon 3020DE S21
GEOG*3210 DE [S] Indigenous-Settler Relationships in Environmental Governance Summer 2021 DE Hooykaas, Amanda PDF icon 3210DE S21
GEOG*4990 01 [S] Independent Study in Geography Summer 2021 Yang, Wanhong