Researchers, Adjuncts, Post Docs

"" Harrison, Hannah Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Hannah Harrison has experience working across disciplines in human dimensions of conservation social science, and is trained within human ecology. She has expertise in qualitative approaches to biosocial research on changing land and waterscapes, particularly fisheries. [Advisor: Philip Loring]

"" KC, Krishna Banting Postdoctoral Fellow and Adjunct Professor

Natural resources management particularly land use land cover dynamics, watershed analysis; farming system research; GIS; remote sensing; spatial modeling and combining spatial and economic methods. [Advisor Evan Fraser]

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Dr. Ahmed Laamrani Laamrani, Ahmed Adjunct Faculty

Remote sensing (RS) applications to soil in agricultural and forest landscapes.

Post Doc Elisabeth Militz Militz, Elisabeth SNSF Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow

Feminist digital geographies, geographies of emotion and affect, geographies of social media, feminist political geographies, concept of affective nationalism, affectual and digital methodologies


"" Shao, Hui (Shawn) Research Associate
  • Hydrological model (flow, erosion and nutrients) & GIS algorithm development
  • Best/Beneficial management practices (BMPs) integrated modelling (environmental benefits and economic costs)
  • Agri-environmental modelling
  • Evaluating and optimizing environmental management and policy

[Advisor Wanhong Yang]

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Dr. Anna Stanley Stanley, Anna Adjunct Professor

 Understanding settler colonial dimensions of Canadian resource governance, particularly in the areas of mining and mineral exploration. 

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Thomas, Jaison Postdoctoral Fellow

Ensemble Data Assimilation. {Advisor: Aaron Berg]

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Dr. Jeffrey Wall Wall, Jeffrey Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Jeffrey Wall specializes in advancing ethnoecological methods and theories which bring the environmental values of distinct cultures and traditions into meaningful conversation with each other. He has focused on threatened culturally significant landscapes in numerous countries in the Near East, Central Asia and North America.   

Dr. Megan Youdelis Youdelis, Megan Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Megan Youdelis specializes in the political ecology of conservation, with research experience in Canada and Thailand.  Her current work explores Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas as decolonial tools for reconciliation and land and water protection within broader colonial-capitalist contexts, and the extent to which international policy enables or constrains Indigenous-led conservation.