Minor in Geography (Honours Program)

This program is designed for students wishing to concentrate on Geography. It introduces the basic concepts in human, physical and environmental geography and requires everyone to master the important computer, cartographic, writing, GIS, and statistical skills required of a professional geographer. Within this program it is possible to include a balanced mix of Geography courses, or to specialize in techniques, human, physical or environmental topics. Careful selection of electives from complementary programs can enhance specializations within this program.

The Minor program has a core of five courses that introduce basic concepts in Geography. Thereafter one may combine higher level courses in Geography that either continue the breadth of the core or which focus on a particular theme such as resource management, the biophysical environment, or rural and agricultural systems.

Program Overview

Checklist for BA Minor in Geography Honours Program

Learning Outcomes

Careers with your Minor

Graduate school • GIS technician • urban planner • community developer • climatologist • transportation management • environmental consulting • teacher • property manager • surveyor • cartographer • writer/researcher • ecologist

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