Sessional Faculty

Dr. Laura Brown Brown, Laura Sessional faculty

I’m a Physical Geographer, Geomorphologist, Teacher, and Environmental Modeller. My most recent research projects involve projecting the impacts of climate change within Canada. Utilizing current IPCC GCMs to generate projections at a local scale within Ontario. I've modelled future extreme events for cities for risk assessments and mitigation planning. Generated climate change projections to map the migration north of the Sugar Maple habitat and the changing climate's impact on the sap season.

"" Dietrich, Dawn Sessional faculty
"" Hackett, Ryan Sessional faculty
"" Hooykaas, Amanda Sessional faculty

Place Studies; Human Ecology; Ethics; Experiential Education; Ecopsychology; Heritage; Educational Pedagogy

Mychajluk, Lisa Sessional Faculty
"" Punjabi, Bharat Sessional faculty