GEOG*3320*01 [F]

Code and section: GEOG*3320*01 [F]*01


GEOG*3320*01 [F] Food Systems: Issues in Security & Sustainability

Many argue that current food systems are unsustainable and will be unable to provide adequate and appropriate nutrition for the global society in the 21st century. This course will explore this issue by taking a global and historic perspective to understand the structure and functioning of agriculture and food systems. We will pay particular attention to the interaction of farms with social, economic, institutional and environmental forces that combine to shape patterns of agricultural activity. In particular, we will explore ways of assessing the extent to which different kinds of food systems are “sustainable” as well as assess how resilient and robust these food systems are to environmental problems (such as climate change) and economic upheaval.

Prerequisite(s): 7.50 credits


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