Silver, Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer Silver
Associate Professor
PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2010
519 824-4120 ext. 52176
Hutt 237

Fisheries, aquaculture, and coastal communities; international ocean governance; indigenous fishing rights; media and technology in environmental governance.

I am a geographer, political ecologist, and interdisciplinarian. Currently, my research program is funded through several grants. Specifically, it examines: a) commercial fisheries, fishing licenses, and Indigenous fishing rights in British Columbia; b) multilateral negotiations and agreements that have implications for coastal and small island states; and, c) opportunities and challenges at the intersection of rapid environmental and technological change.

If you are an excellent student, share one or more of these interests, and are seeking a graduate or postdoctoral supervisor, please feel free to contact me about research opportunities in the Nature.Culture.Politics research group. I am also an Associate Editor at the journal Conservation and Society. We are always looking for empirical and theoretically informed papers that explore linkages between society, environment and development, so please consider submitting your work!

GEOG*1220 Human Impact on Environment
GEOG*2230 Economic Geography
GEOG*4220 Local Environmental Management
GEOG*4880 Contemporary Geographic Thought
GEOG*6091 Geographic Research II

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Environmental Governance, Oceans & Fisheries, and Environmental Politics in the Digital Realm

I have funded graduate student positions available and welcome inquiries from talented students interested in a MA or PhD degree! Research topics are somewhat flexible, but would relate to one or more of:

  • Political ecology and oceans
  • Environmental governance and digital technology/media
  • The pursuit of sustainable and equitable fisheries in Canada

Ideal candidates will have training in social science and be well-versed in environmental issues, politics and governance. For updates and the latest opportunities, follow me on Twitter (@JJSilvs), subscribe to the listserv of the Canadian Association of Geographers, or contact me via email.

Graduate Students Supervised

Name Research
M.A. 2019 Drope, Natalie Media representations and shellfish farmer perceptions of ocean acidification in the British Columbia Shellfish Aquaculture Sector in the British Columbia shellfish aquaculture sector.
Ph.D. 2018 Fraser-Celin, Valli Human-wild dog relations in Botswana.
M.A. 2017 Clark, Kendal The (re)production of nature on natural resource based reality television.
M.A. 2017 Goshulak, Larissa Balancing Market Access with Local Practice: Understanding harvester group motivations and experiences with Marine Stewardship Council certification.
M.A. 2017 McGee, Samantha Examining the reintroduction of Indigenous cultivation and management practices in state-led parks and protected area in BC.
M.A. 2017 Zundel, Trudi Climate-smart agriculture as a development buzzword: framework for flexible development, or greenwashing the status quo? Insights from Northern Ghana.
M.A. 2016 Santos, Miguel Oceans Conservation and Development Financing through the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans.
M.A. 2015 Shallard, Maria Herring (Wanai) and Well-being: Accounting for Heiltsuk values to inform future resource management and economic development opportunities.
M.A. 2015 Stephany, Paul
M.A. 2014 Sulpizio, Isabella Tracing NGO and Retailer perceptions of consumers in the sustainable seafood movement.
M.A. Bhangu, Jasmeen
Ph.D. Govia, Leah Research interests: Digital technologies, environmental imaginaries, feminist STS.