Moola, Faisal

Dr. Faisal Moola
Associate Professor; Master of Conservation Leadership Program Coordinator
519-824-4120 ext. 54367

Forest conservation and management, Ecology and ethnoecology of plants, Environmental policy Indigenous-led conservation.

GEOG*3210 Management of the Biophysical Environment
GEOG*3600 Geography of a Selected Region
GEOG*4110 Environmental Systems Analysis
GEOG*4220 Local Environmental Managment

Faisal welcomes students who are interested in pursuing graduate opportunities in his People, Plants and Policy lab to contact him by email ( The 3P lab presents interdisciplinary opportunities for students to pursue Masters and PhD degrees focused on conservation policy and practice, forest management, plant ecology (at the species and community level) and ethnobotany in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. Faisal is particularly interested in students with strong academic backgrounds, who are comfortable with field work and are interested in scholarly collaboration and writing.

Graduate Students Supervised

Name Research
M.Sc. Johnston, Alexander
M.Sc. Young, Rachel Transdisciplinary studies such as biocultural diversity/conservation and ethnoecology; ecological system processes and functions; Indigenous-led conservation and IPCA's; and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
M.Sc. 2022 Moo, Saw Impacts of silvicultural herbicides on Indigenous ethnobotanical species of the Boreal Forest Region of Canada.
M.A. 2023 Schmidt, Brodie Fire Governance, Ecological Regime Change, and Epistemic Rigidity in Settler-Established Protected Areas: Lessons Learned from the Northeast Boreal K’Taqmkuk.
Ph.D. + IDS 2024 Lukawiecki, Jessica Cultural Keystone Species as a Pathway for Indigenous-led, Biocultural Stewardship of Land and Lifeways.
M.Sc. 2024 Mitsui, Kyomi The effect of stress on functional traits in plants, including how traits in clonal plants affect their ability to resist and recover from stress.
M.Sc. 2024 Ni, Yu Zhao (Mia) Exploring the Diversity and Distribution of Indigenous Culturally Significant Plants in Southern Ontario's Greenbelt