Bradshaw, Ben

Associate Professor and Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies)
PhD, University of Guelph, 1999
519 824-4120 ext. 56722

Environmental Governance in the mining, energy and agriculture sectors.

I am a community-engaged scholar with a research program broadly focussed on environmental governance, with special emphasis these days on: mining and Indigenous communities in Canada; environmental stewardship in conventional agricultural systems; and Canada’s emergent sustainable seafood governance network.  Past research has focussed on corporate social/environmental responsibility, agricultural trade liberalization, community-based resource management, agricultural biotechnology adoption, and climate change adaptation in agriculture.  I welcome communications with other researchers, professionals, and potential graduate students with overlapping interests.

GEOG*2210 Environment and Resources
GEOG*4210 Environmental Governance
GEOG*4990 Independent Study in Geography
GEOG 6091 Geographic Research Methods II
GEOG*6281 Environmental Management and Governance
GEOG*6100 Geographic Scholarship and Research

  • Mining and Indigenous community well-being: measuring what matters;
  • Assessing the origins and utility  of Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs);
  • Co-developing solutions to pollinator decline in agricultural landscapes; and
  • Identifying the maturity of Canada’s emergent sustainable seafood governance system
  • Originator and Project Manager, IBA Research Network (;
  • Board Member, Ontario Association for Impact Assessment (2014-_);
  • Treasurer (2004- ) and Chair (2001-04), Environment and Resources Study Group, Canadian Association of Geographers

Martin, E. and Bradshaw, B. (2018) Free Prior and Informed Consent in the Yukon: Established Practice or Untraveled Path?  Northern Review 47:113-134

Bradshaw, B., Fidler, C. and Wright, A. (2018). Impact and Benefit Agreements and Northern Resource Governance: What we know and what we still need to figure out. Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic, Chris Southcott, Frances Abele, Dave Natcher and Brenda Parlee (eds.), Routledge, Pp. 214-228.

Bradshaw, B. and Gibson, G. (2018). Free, Prior and Informed Consent. Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics. D. C. Poff & A. C. Michalos (eds.), Springer. 

Bradshaw, B. (2015). “Environmental Governance in Canada: Are we making progress?” in B. Mitchell (ed.) Resource and Environmental Management in Canada: Addressing Conflict and Uncertainty, Fifth Edition. Oxford University Press, pp. 171-191.

Klinck, R., Bradshaw, B., Sandy, R., Nabinacaboo, S., Mameanskum, M., Guanish,M., Einish, P.,  Guanish, G. and Pien, S. (2015). Enabling Community Well-being Self-Monitoring in the Context of Mining: the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach.  Engaged Scholar Journal 1(2): 114-130

Jones, J. and Bradshaw, B. (2015). Addressing historical impacts through Impact and Benefit Agreements and Health Impact Assessment: Why it matters for Indigenous Well-Being. Northern Review. 41: 81-109.

Bradshaw, B. and McElroy, C. (2014). “Company-community agreements in the mining sector” in C. Louche and T. Hebb (eds.) Socially Responsible Investing in the 21st Century. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.173-193.

Environmental Governance

I am always looking for outstanding graduate students with interests and expertise in environmental governance most generally. More narrowly, I can support MA and PhD students focused on any of: novel governance in Canada's mining sector; Indigenous communities, energy transitions, and carbon management; and agri-environmental stewardship, including carbon management, in highly productive landscapes. 

Graduate Students Supervised

Name Research
Ph.D. Ashton, Lisa An enabling governance ecosystem for scaling natural climate solutions in agriculture: Identifying key components and designing pathways forward
Ph.D. + IDS Binobo, Gideon Interrogating Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Seafood Governance in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines
Ph.D. Craig, Mary-Kate Carbon market and North American Indigenous Community values and aspirations: Assessing compatibility.
M.A. Maddocks, Beatrix Research interests: Sustainable marketing and climate change education through media.
M.A. 2007 Prno, Jason Assessing the effectiveness of Impact and Benefit Agreements from the perspective of their Aboriginal signatories.
M.A. 2008 Matheson, Laura Adaptation to climate change and other risks in the Niagara Wine Industry.
2009 Lapierre, Dianne Determining corporate incentives for negotiating impact and benefit agreements.
M.A. 2009 Siebenmorgen, Peter Investigating the long-term utility of Impact and Benefit Agreements in northern communities.
M.A. 2010 de Oliveira, Gustavo Explaining mining company and community relations in Paracatu, Brazil: Situational context and company practice.
M.A. 2012 Farkas, Rita Canadian environmental policy, understanding prevalence and impacts of soft regulations.
M.A. 2012 Peterson, Kelsey Community experience of mining development in Baker Lake, NU
M.A. 2012 Schmidt, Dominique Market-based governance of seafood in the Canadian food retail sector.
M.A. 2013 Rozon, Kimberly Training and employment opportunities for Aboriginal communities in Northern Ontario's 'Ring of Fire'
M.A. 2014 Klink, Robert Identifying ideal mechanisms for communicating knowledge of a proposed project and its likely impacts within Aboriginal communities.
Ph.D. 2015 Holmes, Elizabeth Governance mechanisms associated with the protection of ecological goods and services; landowner engagement in environmental stewardship.
M.A. 2015 Jaffar, Atiya Establishing a clean economy or strengthening indigenous sovereignty: Conflicting and complementary narratives for energy transitions.
M.A. 2015 Kenny, Caitlin Navigating complex planning processes: The experiences of two Aboriginal governments with large mineral development proposals in their traditional territories.
M.A. 2015 Shaw, Christina Agri-environmental Behaviour; Beneficial Management Practices; Adoption; Governance Mechanisms; and Environmental Stewardship.
M.Sc. 2016 Jasiuk, Linnaea Inuit women's conceptualizations of and approaches to health in a changing climate.
M.A. 2016 Law, Kathleen Find common ground: The challenge of pollinator conservation in conventional agriculture.
M.Sc. 2016 Parker, Colleen Examining the Vulnerability of an Inuit Food System to Climate Change in the Context of Climatic and Non-Climatic Stressors: A Case Study of Ulukhaktok, NT.
M.A. 2017 Fawcett, David The dynamics of vulnerability and adaptation of an Inuit community to climate change.
M.A. 2017 Goshulak, Larissa Balancing Market Access with Local Practice: Understanding harvester group motivations and experiences with Marine Stewardship Council certification.
M.A. 2017 Lalonde, Genevieve Inuit Perceptions of Learning and Formal Education in the Canadian Arctic.
M.A. 2017 Therien, Alexandra The impact of the rise of supermarkets on household urban food security: A case study of Accra, Ghana.
M.Sc. 2017 Waugh, Devin Local and Traditional Understandings of Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas) under Changing Climatic and Non-Climatic Conditions in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, NT, Canada.
M.A. 2018 Martin, Emily Indigenous community consultation and consent in the mining assessment process in Yukon
M.A. 2018 Shantz, Joanne Energy transitions and planning in Canada's remote Indigenous communities.
Ph.D. 2020 Jones, Jennifer Confronting settler colonialism when assessing the impact of mining on Indigenous Peoples’ health and well-being.
M.A. 2021 Dwyer, Hamid How Canadian universities are currently addressing divestment and endowment sustainability considering the influence and pressures of the fossil fuel divestment movement.
M.A. + IDS 2022 Powell, Lara Indigenous-led conservation and potential compatibility of carbon sequestration/stewardship activities with livelihood interests in remote First Nation communities.