W20 Undergraduate Research Projects

GEOG*4480 Applied Geomatics 2020 Projects

This course gives 4th year students a chance to plan and carry out small group projects using spatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This year, our students addressed research questions of a spatial nature in fields such as resource management, wildlife conservation, disaster risk, transport planning, agriculture, land cover change and water resources. Despite the significant disruption to the winter semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GEOG*4480 students persisted and all managed to complete their projects on schedule.

This course would not have been possible without the outstanding support of the two teaching assistants, Jude Keefe and Marjan Asgari, who helped students through all aspects of their project, from the research proposal to the final reports. Adam Bonnycastle, the Department’s Geomatics Specialist, also supported the course, providing technical advice to myself, the TA’s and the students. Shannon Thibodeau from Student Experience and Quin Shirk-Luckett from the Data Resource Centre at the University of Guelph provided additional training support throughout the course. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the excellent IT and web publishing support provided by Gihan Sooriyabandara, Marie Puddister and Scott Schau.

Ben DeVries

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics


  "" Identifying a Suitable Location for a Solar Renewable Energy Site within Dufferin County Using a Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model

Scott Crawford | Sajean Sundaresan | Asvini Patel

Solar Renewable Energy Poster.pdf

"" Using a GIS Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model to Locate Potential New Conservation Areas and Wildlife Corridors for Grizzly Bears

Katsiaryna Shestak | Gabrielle Goldhar | Harry Seely

"" Analyzing the Factors of Deforestation in the Amazon using GIS and Logistic Regression

Maximilian Ornat | Kale Smith | Sophie Zajaczkiwsky

"" Establishing Potential Cyanobacterial Bloom Triggers in Lake Erie using Spatial and Regression Analysis

Connor Campbell | Floyd Pinto | Gurjap Singh

"" Determining the Significance of Various Variables on Wildlife Poison Exposure in Canada using GIS Spatial Analysis Tools

Daniel Bayley | Meghan Parsons | Nicola Skelhorn

Wildlife Poison Exposure Poster.pdf

""Using GIS To Identify the Optimal Site for Phase 2 of the Proposed High-Speed Rail in The Toronto-Windsor Corridor

Safia Khan | Melissa Kooiman | Matt Burch-Forgie

High Speed Rail Poster.pdf

"" GIS Modeling of Suitable Habitat for Southern Mountain Caribou Compared to Priority Places of Conservation in British Columbia Under Climate Prediction Models

Laura Lisso | Emma Pentney | Shanice Rodrigues

"" Using Spatial Analysis to Assess Fire Vulnerability and Areas of Special Concern in Ontario, Canada

Ian Bennett | Danielle Gartshore | Ghishay Peryagh | Geoffrey Winniski

"" Using a GIS-based Multi-Criteria Evaluation to Determine a Suitable Location for Implementing Roadside Conservation Infrastructure for Freshwater Turtles in Central Ontario

Sylvie Stewart Grantham | Nicole Carpenter | Isabelle Summers



The projects presented here were created by students at the University of Guelph as part of an undergraduate course in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics. The reports included here are not peer-reviewed and are not intended to reflect the aims, objectives or policies of any level of government or any external organizations referenced in these projects. While we strive to educate the students on making their files AODA compliant, they do not necessarily meet this compliancy standard.

Student Projects: W2021