Undergrad Awarded

Geography undergrad Madeleine Arseneau has been awarded the Carl Rom Colthoff Experiential Learning Award.

Our Grads Publish

1. Doctoral candidate Amberley Ruetz and Evan Fraser have published in CSPC. See "National School Food Program a short-term opportunity for jobs creation and economic growth "

2. Doctoral candidate Amberley Ruetz recently published in The Conversation. See: "Federal budget pledges a Canadian school food program but recipe requires funding".…

Geographers in the News - Fraser 01/10/19

Prof. Evan Fraser, director of the Arrell Food Institute, will be featured on CBC Radio’s Ideas With Paul Kennedy Jan. 10 at 9 p.m. discussing the utopian dinner party.

A hundred years from now, the planet will have three billion more people to feed. Fraser, a global food security expert, will discuss possible solutions by contrasting two distinct visions of utopia – one found through embracing science and technology and the other arguing for the overthrow of capitalism.

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