Stanley, Anna

Dr. Anna Stanley
Assistant Professor
519-824-4120 ext 52177
Hutt 347

 Understanding settler colonial dimensions of Canadian resource governance, particularly in the areas of mining and mineral exploration. 

Research  Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Indigenous environmental justice
  • Canadian environmental policy & resource governance
  • Settler colonialism and resource governance
  • Uranium mining and radioactive governance
  • Mineral exploration financing, taxation, and regulation
  • Indigenous sovereignty and struggles for self determination
  • Neoliberalization of Canadian environmental policy
  • Political economies of settler colonialism
  • Research methods: decolonizing research; community engaged research
  • Critical Theory

Reconciling sovereignties:  Settler colonialism and the political economy of environmental and resource governance in Canada. With Community Partners: The Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade and Mining Watch (SSHRCC Partnership Development Grant co-applicant)

Stanley, A. E. (2019).  Aligning against Indigenous jurisdiction: Worker savings, colonial capital and the Canada Infrastructure Bank.   Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 1-19, doi: 10.1177/0263775819855404

Stanley, A. E. (forthcoming). Who dies for Canada?: How settler colonial dispossession funds the state. In Press, In Tough, David & Elsbeth Heaman (Eds.), Who Pays For Canada: Taxes and Fairness (McGill-Queens University Press) (pp. 1-26).

Stanley, Anna 2016. Resilient settler colonialism: “Responsible Resource Development,”  “flow-through” financing and the risk management of Indigenous sovereignty in Canada.  Environment and Planning A 48(12):2422-2442

Stanley, Anna 2015. Wasted life:  Labour, liveliness and the production of value.  Antipode 47(3):792-811

Stanley, Anna 2014. (with Sedef Arat- Koc, Laurie Bertram and Hayden King). Intervention: Addressing the Indigenous-immigration “parallax gap”.  Antipode Available online: 

Stanley, Anna 2013.  Natures of risk: Capital, rule, and production of difference. Geoforum 45:5-16