Learning Outcomes Environment and Resource Management

Upon completion of this undergraduate program, students will be able to:

Learning Outcomes Environmental Geomatics

Upon completion of this undergraduate program in Environmental Geomatics, students will be able to:

Learning Outcomes Environmental Governance

The BAH Environmental Governance is rooted in core concepts from geography and political science and additional insight is built through courses from a range of social science and humanities disciplines.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Governance program will demonstrate the ability to:

Learning Outcomes Geography

B.A. Honours Geography & B.A. Honours Geography Co-op Learning Outcomes

The BAH in Geography is centered around investigating real-world problems and solutions. This can be accomplished in a theoretical way in a classroom setting but is further authentic and realized through additional hands-on experiences in order to investigate those problems to generate solutions in improving life.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Geography program will demonstrate the ability to:

BSc Minor in Applied Geomatics

This program is designed to train students in the use and application of Geomatics, and to provide a context for the problem-solving capabilities of Geomatics through exposure to courses focusing on the application of spatial technologies.

Undergraduate Research Projects

GEOG*4480 Applied Geomatics

This course gives 4th year students a chance to plan and carry out small group projects using spatial data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This year, our students addressed research questions of a spatial nature in fields such as resource management, wildlife conservation, disaster risk, transport planning, agriculture, land cover change and water resources. Despite the significant disruption to the winter semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GEOG*4480 students persisted and all managed to complete their projects on schedule.

Student Experience

Meet some current students in each of our programs as well as the Geography Society and listen to what they have to say about Geography, Environment and Geomatics and life at the University of Guelph.


Meet Jasmine, a Bachelor of Arts Honours Geography major and listen to what she has to say about her experience at UofG:

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