Yang, Wanhong

Dr. Wanhong Yang
Professor and Chair
PhD, University of Illinois, 2000
519-824-4120 ext. 53090
Hutt 118
Hutt 232A

GIS and spatial analysis;  Agri-environmental management; Integrated economic-hydrologic modelling of agricultural conservation practices.

My research interests fall within the broad areas of environmental and resource management and GIS applications. More specifically, I am interested in conducting research in: 1) integrating economic, environmental and GIS modeling in solving resource use conflicts; 2) cost-benefit analysis in environmental and resource management; 3) comparison of different environmental management and policies.

I am currently conducting research on cost effectiveness of agricultural conservation programs with funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Innovation Trust, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and Canadian Water Network.

GEOG*3480 GIS and Spatial Analysis
GEOG*3600 Geography of a Selected Region
GEOG*4480 Applied Geographic Information Systems
GEOG*6090 Research Methods
GEOG*6550 Environmental Modelling

Yang, W., Liu, Y.B., Ou, C., and Gabor, S. 2016. Examining water quality effects of riparian wetland loss and restoration scenarios in a southern Ontario watershed. Journal of Environmental Management 174: 26-34.

Yang, W., Liu, Y.B., Cutlac, M., Boxall, P., Weber, M., Bonnycastle, A. and Gabor, S. 2016. Integrated economic-hydrologic modeling for examining cost-effectiveness of wetland restoration scenarios in a Canadian prairie watershed. Wetlands 36:577–589.

Liu, Y., Yang, W., Qin, C., and Zhu, A., 2016. A review and discussion on modeling and assessing agricultural best management practices under global climate change. Journal of Sustainable Development 9(1): 245-255.

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Liu, Y.B., Yang, W., Yu, Z., Lung, I., & Gharabaghi, B. 2015.  Estimating sediment yield from upland and channel erosion at a watershed scale using SWAT. Water Resources Management 29: 1399-1412.

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Yang, W., Liu, W., Liu, Y.B, Corry, R.C., Kreutzwiser, R.D. 2014. Cost-effective targeting of riparian buffers to achieve water quality and wildlife habitat benefits. International Journal of River Basin Management 12 (1): 43-55.

Liu, Y.B., Shen, H., Yang, W., and Yang, J. 2013. Optimization of agricultural BMPs using a parallel computing based multi-objective optimization algorithm. International Journal of Environmental Resources Research 1(1): 39-50.

Ou, Chunping,  Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, October 2007 - current.
Project: Assessment of CREP and CRP in Selected States in the U.S.

Liu, Yongbo, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, July 2005 – June 2008.
Project: Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling for Watershed Evaluation of BMPs.

Yang, Jing, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, January 2007 – June 2008.
Project: Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling for Watershed Evaluation of BMPs.

Wu, Kangsheng, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, July 2006 – June 2007.
Project: Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling for Watershed Evaluation of BMPs.

Singh, Amanjot, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, April, 2004 – August, 2005.
Project: Cost-Effective Targeting of Wetland Conservation in Agricultural Watersheds.

Meyer-Aurich, Andreas, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow, April, 2004 – March, 2005.
Project: Cost-Effective Targeting of Wetland Conservation in Agricultural Watersheds.

GIS and Watershed Management

I am recruiting one Ph.D. and/or one MSc student to join my research program on examining cost effectiveness of agricultural conservation programs (https://weg.uoguelph.ca). My research team members, comprising postdoctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate research assistants, have versatile expertise in watershed hydrologic modeling, integrated GIS, hydrologic and economic modeling, watershed evaluation of beneficial management practices (BMPs), and desktop GIS and WebGIS based interface tool development. I welcome students from all related disciplines such as geography, hydrology, soil science, ecology, economics, and forestry. Students will have flexibility in choosing a range of research topics related to GIS-based watershed hydrologic and integrated economic-hydrologic modelling and GIS interface development. Sample projects may include watershed modelling to identify critical source areas on agricultural landscapes for water quality protection, and to examine economic and environmental trade-offs of conservation practices in agricultural watersheds.

Students will receive well rounded training in GIS, watershed modelling, economic analysis, and policy evaluation related to various aspects of agricultural conservation programs. Previous graduate students have gained employment in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and consulting firms. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Wanhong Yang (wayang@uoguelph.ca) to discuss further.

Graduate Students Supervised

Name Research
Ph.D. Allataifeh, Nabil Spatially explicit hydrological modelling for evaluating water quality effects of agricultural management practices at different scales.
Ph.D. Asgari, Marjan Parallel Computing of Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Watershed Hydrological Models
Ph.D. Bodruddoza, Zion Reserach interest: Balancing agricultural production and environmental impacts using innovative watershed modelling tools.
M.Sc. Rapke, Matthew Determining the agricultural suitability of land in Ontario using GIS.
M.Sc. 2005 Liu, Wenbao Cost-effective targeting of land retirement to achieve water quality and habitat benefits.
M.Sc. 2005 Sheng, Chaodong Spatial targeting of conservation tillage to improve carbon sequestration and water quality benefits in agriculture watersheds.
M.Sc. 2006 Bonnycastle, Adam Environmental and economic implications of land management changes in agricultural watersheds.
M.Sc. 2011 Chen, Jie Examining the runoff processes in a small agricultural watershed using a fully distributed model.
M.Sc. 2011 Cunningham, Jared Evaluating the water quality effects of land use change in a small agricultural watershed.
M.Sc. 2012 Elgie, Steve Modelling riparian buffer filtration capacities in agricultural regions using a fully distributed model.
M.Sc. 2013 Simmons, Jane Quantifying effluent credits for use in non-point source water quality trading programs.
M.Sc. 2014 Lung, Ivanna Examining water quality effects of land management practices in an agricultural watershed using a GIS based fully distributed hydrologic model.
Ph.D. 2014 Oginskyy, Anatolly Integrated hydrologic-economic optimization modeling for watershed evaluation of agricultural BMPs and policies.
M.Sc. 2017 Mallon, Christopher Hydrologic-economic modeling of the cost-effectiveness and targeting of nutrient management in the Gully Creek Watershed, Ontario.
Ph.D. 2018 Dietrich, Dawn (Ph.D.) ‘MAN’aging Nature: A historical feminist political ecology of Eastern Ontario’s Forests, 1849 – 2013.
Ph.D. 2019 Chen, Kun Development of a WebGIS-based decision support system for facilitating the adoption of agricultural best management practices.
M.A. 2020 Ghiyasvand, Mostafa Developing a Mobile GIS Application for Facilitating Information Communications in Agri-Environmental Programs
M.Sc. 2020 Hopkins, Laura Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Wetland Restoration Scenarios in the Lynn River Subwatershed of Norfolk County, Southern Ontario