BSc Minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Analysis

Note: Students who joined U of G prior to F20 can still follow the schedule of studies for the BSc Minor in GIS and Environmental Analysis. Those who have joined after F20 will follow the BSc Minor in Applied Geomatics

This program is designed to train students in the use and application of GIS, and to provide a context for the problem-solving capabilities of GIS through exposure to courses focusing on biophysical science and environmental analysis. The program complements majors in a variety of disciplines that relate to the environment, and provides technical skills that broaden and enhance employment opportunities.

Program overview

Checklist for BSc Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Analysis

Learning outcomes

Career Opportunities

GIS Graduates find employment in international agencies of the United Nations, Canadian federal government departments, provincial and state agencies in Canada and the United States, local governments across North America, private sector consulting firms, and a host of nongovernmental organizations.

Our graduates also are pursuing careers in the education sector, as teachers and administrators. Many have gone on to conduct masters and doctoral research.

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