Harrison, Hannah

Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Hutt 134

Dr. Hannah Harrison has experience working across disciplines in human dimensions of conservation social science, and is trained within human ecology. She has expertise in qualitative approaches to biosocial research on changing land and waterscapes, particularly fisheries. [Advisor: Philip Loring]

Dr. Harrison is currently the Science Director and International Coordinator for the Coastal Routes Project


2019        Harrison, H.L., J. Hauer, J.Ø. Nielsen, Ø. Aas. Disputing nature in the Anthropocene: technology as friend and foe in the struggle to conserve wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Ecology and Society. In review.

2019        Harrison, H.L., S. Kochalski, R. Arlinghaus, Ø. Aas. “Do you care about the river?” A critical discourse analysis and lessons for management of social conflict over Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) conservation in the case of voluntary stocking in Wales. People and Nature. In Press.

2018        Harrison, H.L., S. Kochalski, R. Arlinghaus, Ø. Aas. "Nature's Little Helpers": A benefits approach to voluntary cultivation of hatchery fish to support wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) populations in Norway, Wales, and Germany. Fisheries Research 204, 348-360.

2018        Harrison, H.L., Ø. Aas, S. Rybråten. Hatching knowledge: a case study on the hybridization of local ecological knowledge and research-based knowledge in Norwegian small-scale salmon (Salmo salar) cultivation. Human Ecology [online first]. DOI: 10.1007/s10745-018-0001-3
2016        H.L. Harrison and P.A. Loring. Urban harvests: food security and local fish and shellfish in Southcentral Alaska. Agriculture and Food Security 5(1), 16

2014        H.L. Harrison and P.A. Loring. Larger Than Life: The Emergent Nature of Conflict in Alaska’s Upper Cook Inlet. SAGE Open 4(4).

2013        Loring, P.A., S.C. Gerlach and H.L. Harrison. Perceptions of Sustainability Among Fishers of Alaska’s Cook Inlet Salmon Fisheries. Society and Natural Resources 27(2), 185-199.

2013        Loring, P.A., and H.L. Harrison. “That’s what opening day is for:” Social and cultural dimensions of (not) fishing in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Maritime Studies 12(1), 12.

2013        Loring, P.A., S.C. Gerlach, and H.L. Harrison. Seafood as Local Food: Food Security and the Role of Salmon Fisheries on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 3(3), 13.

Other Publications

2018        Harrison, H.L. Cultivating conflict: Perspectives on the human dimensions of voluntary Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) hatcheries in a conservation context (Philosophiae Doctor Thesis) 2018:76. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management.

2016        Harrison, H.L. et al. Endangered Waters: Saving Europe’s Most Iconic Fish Species.  Euroscientist.

2013        Harrison, H.L. “This is Who I Am”: Perspectives on economy, policy, and personal identity and culture of Cook Inlet and Kenai River fisheries (Master's thesis). University of Alaska Fairbanks.

2012        Loring, P.A. and H.L. Harrison. Fisheries and Food Security in Alaska.  Agroborealis 42(1), 45-48.

2012        Loring, P.A., S.C. Gerlach and H.L. Harrison. Food Security on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. WERC-HD Occasional Series No. 1. Fairbanks, AK: Center for Cross-Cultural Studies and the Water and Environmental Research Center