Drakopulos, Lauren

Postdoctoral Lauren Drakopulos
Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD, University of Washington
519-824-4120 x 58960
Hutt 134

I am a human-environment geographer with a broad interest in the social dimensions of environmental governance, and a topical specialization in fisheries and oceans. My research focus on 1) political ecologies of fisheries science and management 2) digital technologies in ocean governance and 3) social vulnerability and ocean and coastal policy. 

Currently, my research is on global scale ocean surveillance for fisheries governance. While there is great potential, much remains to be learned about data governance and the social dynamics of large-scale ocean and fisheries monitoring enabled by digital technology. International organization 'Global Fishing Watch' is on the forefront of efforts to use this technology to monitor and analyze fishing activity at the global scale. My research addresses Global Fishing Watch as a case study to produce broadly applicable insights about the social implications of large-scale fisheries monitoring and its concomitant digital and data and economies, and the impacts of new technology and industry stakeholders on ocean research and governance.

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