Learning Outcomes Geography

B.A. Honours Geography & B.A. Honours Geography Co-op Learning Outcomes

The BAH in Geography is centered around investigating real-world problems and solutions. This can be accomplished in a theoretical way in a classroom setting but is further authentic and realized through additional hands-on experiences in order to investigate those problems to generate solutions in improving life.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Geography program will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Observe and communicate Earth as an integrated human-environment system by examining and describing dynamic flows, interactions, and exchanges at different spatial and temporal scales.
  2. Identify and assess diverse sources of knowledge, arguments, and approaches pertinent to exploring human-environment relations.
  3. Collect and analyze geographical data and interpret its significance within the context of human-environment change and challenges.
  4. Communicate spatial data, relationships and frameworks in oral, written and visual forms, including the use of maps and geographic information systems (GIS).
  5. Analyze, evaluate, and reflect on solutions to geographical questions and human-environment change in diverse settings (e.g. classroom, lab, field, community).
  6. Investigate complex real-world challenges affecting local, regional, and global communities and apply a diverse skill-set to formulate solutions.
  7. Describe and illustrate the importance of holistic, integrative human-environment perspectives in geographic inquiry at local, regional, and global scales.

    Co-op Learning Outcomes
  8. Apply inquiry, analysis and problem-solving skills to address geographical problems in a real-world and professional setting.
  9. Demonstrate personal and professional integrity when considering diverse views and geographic perspectives.
  10. Reflect on work-integrated learning and connect professional experience to theories and concepts in geography