Major in Environmental Governance (B.A.)

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Governments play an important role in managing our environment through new laws and regulatory agencies. However, governments alone cannot manage our most pressing environmental challenges like climate change, sea level rise, or invasive species. This is why we are experiencing a shift toward environmental governance – i.e., coordinating governments, community organizations, and businesses to work collectively to affect positive environmental change. In the Environmental Governance program, you will train to be at the leading edge of this shift. We combine case studies from around the world with assignments that address real life scenarios, giving you a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in coordinating multiple actors toward a common goal. You will enter the workforce ready to participate effectively as an environmental professional, whether in the public service, the not-for-profit world, or a corporate / business setting.

Co-op available in F21, students starting in F20 can apply to transfer into the program in their second year.

Program Highlights

We have expertise in biodiversity conservation, fisheries management, food security, marine conservation, and renewable energy development. Our faculty are recognized locally and internationally for their research, and they bring their research into the classroom.

Student Experience

Thinking of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Governance? Check out what Toby has to say:

Beyond the Classroom

Through completing courses from the disciplines of geography, political science, agricultural economics and economics, students will receive a solid foundation in the processes and mechanisms of environmental governance in Canada and around the world.

Career Opportunities

With a strong foundation in geography, political science and resource economics, a range of professional opportunities exist for our graduates. Some employment opportunities include: municipal, provincial, and federal agencies, environmental conservation and management consulting, community organizing, tourism and eco-tourism development, teaching and education, including outdoor education, politics and political organization, environmental media/campaigning, corporate sustainability coordinator. This major is also a very strong pre-law degree for those interested in environmental law.

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