IDEV*2100*01 [F]

Code and section: IDEV*2100*01 [F]*01


IDEV*2100 Research in International Development F (3-0) [0.50]
This course explores the ethical dimensions of conducting research and producing knowledge in a context of inclusive and sustainable development. Students will explore the cultural, methodological and ethical challenges of conducting research in vulnerable communities, using concepts of positionality, difference, identity and intersectionality to understand the ways in which they might engage in a mutually-respectful process of research and engagement. The course provides a broad survey of research methods including documentary, observational, qualitative, and quantitative approaches, exploring their key characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and ethical implications of producing knowledge for development.
Offering(s): First offering - Fall 2020
Prerequisite(s): IDEV*1000
Department(s): Dean's Office, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

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