GEOG*4690*01 [W]

Code and section: GEOG*4690*01 [W]*01


GEOG*4690 Geography Field Research F (3-6) [1.00]

This course provides an opportunity for senior students to develop skills in the design, implementation and presentation of a field research project. The course involves a field trip of about 10-14 days, either in Canada or abroad. This component of the course takes place between the end of the summer session and the start of classes in the fall semester. Classes during the fall semester focus on the analysis and interpretation of data and incorporate student research seminars. Information on the location and cost of the field research course is available from the department in the winter semester prior to each fall offering.

Prerequisite(s): 12.50 credits
Restriction(s): Restricted to majors in Earth Surface Science, Environmental Geoscience and Geomatics, Environmental Governance, Geography and B.Sc.(Env.) with an overall average of at least 70% at the time of registration. Instructor consent required.



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