GEOG*3440*01 [F]

Code and section: GEOG*3440*01 [F]*01


GEOG*3440  GIS for Decision-Making  Fall Only  (LEC: 3, LAB: 2)  [0.50]  

This course trains students to use geomatics techniques as part of a decision-making process, and to critically reflect on the relationship between geospatial analysis and policy decisions in government, community, and corporate settings. Topics may include: public and participatory GIS; webmapping and data visualization; database design; multi-criteria evaluation; scenario mapping. Students will gain familiarity with open and industry mapping software, apply these in practice to issues such as habitat conservation and sea level rise, and reflect on subjects such as uncertainty that challenge spatial data-driven decision-making.

Offering(s): Offered in even-numbered years.  
Prerequisite(s): GEOG*2480  


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