GEOG*3210 DE [S]

Code and section: GEOG*3210 DE [S]*01


This course seeks to understand the rationales for, and evolution of, the changing relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian state in environmental governance. Case studies cover different approaches to management including command and control, co-management, co-governance, biocultural and a variety of legislative and policy tools such as endangered species legislation, environmental impact assessments, and as Indigenous stewardship of traditional territories under natural law. Cases will be drawn from different resource management sectors, from governance to intra-community disputes and legal precedents. Traditional ecological knowledge, as well as our understandings of knowledge systems, will provide an analytical frame for assessing conflict as it arises in environmental governance.
Offering(s): Also offered through Distance Education format.

7.50 credits including (ENVS*2150 or GEOG*2210)

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