CAGONT 2019 Presentation Feedback for Students

Mastering the Scholarly Conference Presentation – Special Opportunity for Graduate Students

Sponsored by CAGONT Student Representative – Siera Vercillo

Description: This is a special opportunity for students who are new to presenting their research or who are keen to become powerful speakers, and who would like support in building their scholarly presentation and geographic research communication skills. As academics, we tend to overestimate how much detail we can present within a short time frame. Student presenters will have the opportunity to make the most of the conference by receiving confidential written feedback about how to make their specific talk and future talks more convincing, clear and thought-provoking. We recognize that students do not necessarily have the opportunity to receive feedback on their presentation prior to the conference and that five minutes of a Q & A is likely insufficient for assessing the impression of the audience. Students who sign up for this opportunity will receive confidential written feedback on their conference presentation from dedicated mentors. Feedback will be provided on the timing, clarity and persuasiveness of the main message, puzzle being solved, context, literature, methods, interpretation of the results and concluding statements. Feedback will also be provided on the organization and design of the slides to strengthen how they complement what is being said. Students will also have an opportunity to clarify feedback provided if desired. 

If you have any questions about this opportunity or are interested in participating as a student presenter, please email Siera Vercillo at by Oct. 23rd.

You must already have submitted an abstract in order to sign up for this feedback.