Applied Human Geography Projects

GEOG*2260 Applied Human Geography

These projects are the work of GEOG 2260 Applied Human Geography students from Winter 2021. This course is a qualitative research methods course where students were tasked with utilizing a number of research techniques to define and discuss the following prompt: “What is _____ Geography?” This group project was done entirely online and in addition to exploring the subdisciplines in depth, students were required to learn new communication tools.

Dr. Amanda Hooykaas

Economic Geography: Laiken Cronkright, Maddison Tawse, April Torkopoulos


Health Geography: Karina Italiano, Karina Martins, Ishav Mehta, Meghan Young


Urban Geography: Jordan Aiello, Kaya Moore, Antonio Spadafora


Social Geography: Hawi Abdureman, Sara King, Aden Morton-Ferguson, Cilliers Van Heerden


Rural Geography: Jordan Anderson, Amy Nevills, Ted Nichol, Alanna Wyllie


Population Geography: Joshua Baxter, Caitlyn Harrington, Adam Kelly, Kirsten Ross


Historical Geography: Robin Hounsell, Joshua Priebe, Abigail Tetlow


Political Geography: Jena-Lee Ashley, Jackson Doublas, Eric Klassen


Environmental Geography: Alyssa Hoga, Jonah Kevan, Amber Lavictoire, Amalia Lukezic


[W21 Audio transcripts]


The projects presented here were created by students at the University of Guelph as part of an undergraduate course in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics. The reports included here are not peer-reviewed and are not intended to reflect the aims, objectives or policies of The University of Gueph or the Department of Geography, Environment & Geomatics, any level of government or any external organizations that may be referenced in these projects. While we strive to educate the students on making their files AODA compliant, they do not necessarily meet this compliancy standard.