Hovorka, Alice

Adjunct Professor
PhD. Clark University, 2003
York University

Animal geography, gender and environment, urban geography, Southern Africa.

My research program broadly explores human-environment relationships and is theoretically informed by feminist, poststructuralist and posthumanist philosophical perspectives. I explore issues related to animal geographies, gender and environment, urban geography, and Southern Africa.

I currently explore how animals shape human society. We cannot understand human affairs and relations without recognizing the ways in which animals are wrapped up with social constructions, organizations and dynamics. How do we think about animals? Where do we put them and where do they belong? How do we interact with them? Are these human-animal relations good, bad, otherwise? What circumstances and experiences shape the lives of animals? Chickens, donkeys, cattle, wild dogs, elephants, and community dogs in Botswana serve as case studies exploring the positionality of animals as influential actors.