Manuscript Option

In the manuscript option, the thesis will comprise the following:

  • An introductory chapter that outlines the problem context for the work, establishes its purpose and objectives, and explains how the manuscripts presented in the body address the purpose and objectives.
  • Manuscripts (normally three) that present research findings. Typically these will be manuscripts for refereed journals, but other formats, such as book chapters, may be appropriate. The manuscripts may be ready for submission, submitted, in press, or published.
  • A concluding chapter that outlines the principal findings of the total research effort. These conclusions must reflect the work reported in the manuscripts.

References cited in each manuscript, and in the introductory and concluding chapters, can be included at the end of each manuscript or chapter, or they can be consolidated at the end of the thesis. Appendixes may also be included as part of the thesis.

The entire thesis must be formatted according to the requirements of Graduate Studies. All chapters, including those presenting previously published work, must use a consistent format, and must be continuously paginated.

The following are other requirements for the manuscript thesis option:

  • An important principle that must be followed in developing the manuscript thesis is that the entire document (especially the introductory chapter, manuscripts, and concluding chapter) will comprise a conceptual "whole". Thus, the manuscripts should relate to the overall purpose of the PhD research program and its objectives. It is not acceptable for a student and his or her advisor to work on separate "projects" during, or outside of, the PhD program, and then submit manuscripts relating to these projects for the thesis.
  • The manuscripts must be dominated by the intellectual effort of the student. Members of the advisory committee and others involved in the research may, as appropriate, be listed as authors on the manuscripts. However, the manuscripts must be written by the student, as reflected by the fact that the student normally will be the first author on each manuscript.
  • Where multiple authorship occurs, there must be a preface statement in the thesis outlining the roles of the respective authors, and clarifying the extent and nature of the contribution of the thesis author. Co-authors must sign the statement to indicate that they are in agreement with the evaluation of the roles and contributions of the various authors.
  • In no case can a co-author serve as an external examiner for the thesis.
  • When previously published, or in press, work is reproduced in the thesis, waivers from copyright holders are required. These should be included as an appendix.