Geomatics Teaching Facilities

The Department of Geography maintains three computer labs in the Hutt Building: Two which are primarily for undergraduate geomatics teaching, and a graduate GIS/research lab.  Additionally, all full time graduate students in the Department of Geography have office space in the Hutt Building.  The Department also provides computers and network connections in each graduate student office.

Undergraduate Labs

Undergraduate students in Geography have access to two computer labs equipped with geographic information systems (GIS), statistical, and remote sensing software.  These include industry-standard software such as ArcGIS, SPSS, and Excel, as well as more specialized geomatics software such as Whitebox GAT, Idrisi, and others.  These two labs each contain 30+ workstations, space and power outlets for student laptops, dedicated printers, and a projector for guided demonstrations.  Geography Undergraduate Computer lab hours for the exam period is 8-5 M-F.  Geography students also have access to student licenses for select GIS software, as well as general purpose computer labs maintained by the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences and by the library.

Graduate Advanced Spatial Analysis Lab

The Department’s Advanced Spatial Analysis Laboratory includes 4 powerful workstations which run on a dedicated server.  Students using these machines have access to specialized peripherals such as a high resolution scanner and a large format printer.  Software in this lab include ArcGIS, SPSS, Whitebox GAT, Idrisi, NVIVO, Office, and other specialized titles as required for graduate student research.